Helix lab photos: See where your DNA gets sequenced

Helix scientist

When you order a Helix DNA kit and send in your saliva sample, your work is pretty much done—you can sit back and relax as we enable an entire marketplace of products that are personalized to your genetic code, evolving and growing with you over a lifetime.
But behind the scenes, magic is happening.
A lot of that magic happens at our CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited lab in San Diego, California, where our scientists work to turn samples into sequences. Besides being one of the most advanced DNA processing facilities in the world, this lab just happens to look really cool, too. We’re delighted to be able to show it to you.
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DNA Sequencing Lab

When the package containing your saliva sample arrives at the Helix lab, we load it into BoxSeq, a machine that can open many of these packages in a short amount of time.


BoxSeq Seqencer

BoxSeq makes quick work of a sealed package, making it easy for our technicians to access and prepare each sample.


DNA Sample Preparation

A sample is removed from its shipping box and checked for quality.


DNA Sample Quality Check

Saliva samples are loaded onto a robotic machine that helps prepare them for sequencing.


DNA Sequencing Preparation

Samples await processing on the robot.


DNA Processing

A special pass-through box helps prevent contamination as reagents move between areas of the lab.


DNA Sample Pass-Through Box

A close-up of a core head on one of the lab’s robots, showing pipettes ready to transfer sample material.


DNA Sample Transfer

More detail from inside the robot, which is designed to handle a large number of samples at once.


DNA Research Associate

A research associate loads materials into the machine that actually sequences your DNA.


DNA Flow Cell

A flow cell, a special plate loaded into our sequencing machines that enables DNA to be read very efficiently.


DNA Sequencing Machines

Some of our DNA sequencing machines. In the background, Helix lab staff work by one of the robots.


DNA Sequencing Machines

A row of sequencing machines working away on samples.

Want to know more about how Helix works? Our step-by-step guide is a great place to start. And when you’re ready to get a DNA kit of your own, head over to the Helix marketplace.
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