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What are people saying about Women’s Wellness?

No two women are alike. But you knew that! What you might not know is whether a you get a little extra help from a low-fat diet. Or why you’ve always struggled to fall asleep at night. DNA can’t give you all the answers, but it can certainly add a little color to how we view of ourselves and how approach our overall wellness.
But don’t take our word for it—here are a few choice quotes from individuals who’ve had a chance to try Women’s Wellness by Helix for themselves.


Insight: Circadian rhythm
“I am not an early bird and never have been. I’ve always had trouble going to bed on time and getting out of bed in the morning. Clearly – I don’t have the best sleeping habits! It was interesting to learn some of the factors that might be impacting my sleep quality. I learned about circadian rhythm – and my internal body clock is genetically predisposed to make me a night owl. Explains a lot!”
Insight: Caffeine metabolism
“I’m that person with a triple-shot iced coffee in their hands 24/7, yet honestly I never feel too much of a difference from the caffeine – I can literally down a coffee and then take a nap. The Women’s Wellness app showed me that my DNA suggests that I am more likely to metabolize caffeine faster than most – aka a cup of coffee might not wake me up or affect me as much as most other people. Finally it all makes sense!”
Insight: Waist size
“People always ask me how I get my waist to stay so small and I always tell them—lots of coffee, wine, and cheese—and then make sure to dance in front of your mirror every morning when you brush your teeth. Aka—I have no idea. I’m definitely not as fit or active as I should be! The Women’s Wellness app explained to me that my DNA suggests that I am genetically more likely to have a smaller waist than average. Shout out to my DNA for picking up the slack!”


Insight: Mediterranean Diet Impact
“When choosing to make healthier food choices there is a plethora of options — each with its critics and fans. It’s difficult to decide which diet will be most effective for you as an individual. The Women’s Wellness app adds some guidance to dieting, helping you focus on the regimen which may be most beneficial for you and your nutritional needs.”


Where can you find B12?

    By definition, vitamins are nutrients that are vital to our health but cannot be synthesized by our body. Because our body can’t produce them, we have to get them in our diet. Many vitamins can be found in vegetables and fruits, but B12 is predominantly found in animal products like fish, poultry, beef, and eggs. When we consume foods with B12 in them, a network of proteins are involved in capturing the vitamins in our gut, bringing them in, and distributing them throughout the body.



Insight: Exercise Impact on Weight
“I definitely notice the differences in my body when I exercise or don’t. I feel a lot better when I move more often…but wow, it’s hard to get up for 7am yoga! It was cool to see that the exercise classes I get to, actually might have a positive impact on my health. It’s definitely more motivation to get out of bed and move!”
Insight: Snoring
“My husband tells me that I snore a little, but I never had any proof to dispute him. Here it is, I’m likely a quiet sleeper! Even though this doesn’t give me the guarantee of being absolutely quiet, I can definitely bring this up the next time to remind him that it’s ‘likely a quiet snore’.”
Insight: First Menstrual Cycle
“I knew I got my period earlier than most of my friends, but I wasn’t sure why. It’s interesting to learn that I was likely to get my first menstrual cycle earlier due to my DNA. It made me talk to my mom and learn that she got hers early as well. Apparently, we are early bloomers!”


Insight: Exercise Impact on Weight
“I got to learn that I have a gene that shows I may have a higher likelihood to benefit from physical activity in regards to my weight. For someone that struggles with going to the gym regularly, definitely is an additional motivator to work towards having and maintaining a workout routine!”
Insight: Tan vs. sunburn
“Whenever I go to the beach, I’m not someone who burns easily, which is because I am more likely to tan than sunburn! I always use sunscreen and will continue to use sunscreen regardless, but fun to have another reason to be proud of my skin!”

This app is about more than just some interesting insights, it’s also about empowerment. That’s why we’ve included sections that highlight some of the many impressive women who’s scientific achievments helped us understand the human body a little better, ultimately allowing us to bring you these insights. We hope that Women’s Wellness will empower many women with the ability to tap into their DNA and learn about it’s many influences, both big and small.

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