On DNA Day, Honoring the Pioneers who Laid the Foundation for Population Genomics

Today, on DNA Day, we celebrate the birth and growth of the genetics field. In 1953, James Watson, Francis Crick, and Rosalind Franklin discovered the DNA’s double helix structure; 50 years later, the first human genome was sequenced in 2003. These groundbreaking achievements cracked open the field of genomics, making the rich data held within  … Read more

What is Sequence Once, Query Often?

What is Sequence Once, Query Often™?

The genetics you inherit is the only data set in healthcare that doesn’t change over time, which is why, if you generate high enough quality sequencing data you should be able to use that data again and again both in the care of the patient and for research purposes. Because of this, we deploy a  … Read more

Year in review

Helix’s 2022 Highlights

As we close the book on 2022, the Helix team was busier than ever in pursuit of our mission to empower every person to improve their life through DNA. Some key highlights: New health system partners: We were excited to share the news of three new health system partnerships this year. In March, we announced  … Read more

identifying New Gene-Disease Associations for Population Screening

One of the largest gene-based collapsing analyses reveals potential candidate genes for population screening

A recent paper from the Helix research team presents evidence that four additional gene-disease associations warrant consideration: GCK with diabetes mellitus, HBB with hemoglobinopathies, PKD1 with cystic kidney disease, and MIP with cataracts.

One Million COVID-19 Tests

Helix Delivers One Millionth COVID-19 Test

Today, we’re excited to announce a major milestone – we’ve delivered 1,000,000 COVID-19 tests since we first launched our testing in late June. While we’ve been scaling rapidly since then, we’ve recently accelerated tremendously, with over half of these tests being delivered in just the past four weeks.

Helix Covid Laboratory

Why Helix researchers are studying DNA to learn about COVID-19

Over the next several days, Helix researchers will be reaching out to hundreds of thousands of people—each of them having already had their DNA sequenced by Helix—with a short survey. The survey collects information about a person’s possible exposure to COVID-19, any symptoms (or lack thereof) that they may be experiencing, and any medications they  … Read more

Helix Logo

Helix Transparency Report

When a user gives us their DNA, they also give us their trust. Helix maintains this trust by making data privacy a key focus and by providing transparency about when, how, and why users’ data are used and shared. Our Privacy Policy details what we do with a user’s data through their journey on the  … Read more