What’s new in the Helix Store: September 2017

What's New: September 2017

It’s officially fall, which means that leaves are changing, there’s a nip in the air, and—most exciting of all—there are great new products in the Helix Store. Whether you’d like to learn more about your health or get a head start on those New Year’s resolutions (2018 is going to be here before you know it!), this month’s launches are worth checking out.

Heart Optimizer: Genetics and Nutrition Coaching


How well do you know your heart? Arivale’s Heart Optimizer analyzes thousands of genetic variants to create personalized nutrition recommendations designed to protect and improve your heart’s health. And it’s much more than an app: you’ll have the opportunity to speak with an Arivale Registered Dietician about your results, plus 30 days’ worth of unlimited contact with Arivale’s coaches.

Learn more about Heart Optimizer: Genetics and Nutrition Coaching by Arivale

Beat Your Genes: Weight Loss Coaching


When you’re trying to lose weight, knowledge is power—the more you know about how your body responds to certain nutrition and fitness decisions, the better. Arivale’s Beat Your Genes: Weight Loss Coaching product looks at a number of gene variants to help arm you with the information you need to set (and meet) your weight loss goals. You’ll have a call with an Arivale Registered Dietician to go over your results and help set your weight loss plan, plus 30 days of unlimited contact with Arivale’s coaches to make sure you’re on the path that’s right for you.

Learn more about Beat Your Genes: Weight Loss Coaching by Arivale

Diet GENius


Diet GENius by Re:Point is designed to help you lose weight and improve your nutrition based on your genetic predispositions as well as food habits—with personalized guidance along the way. Dan, your digital coach, will guide you through your nutrition recommendations and diet goals. Diet GENius is even compatible with the Fitbit platform, which means you can track your nutrition and fitness in one place.

Learn more about Diet GENius by Re:Point

Fitness Buddy: All-Access Premium


An iOS exclusive, Fitness Buddy takes your genetics into account to help you find the workouts that are most effective for you. Personalized fitness plans help you hit your goals—and a full year of All-Access Premium is included, which means you’ll have access to deeper insights on everything from your caffeine sensitivity to your muscle type.

Learn more about Fitness Buddy: All-Access Premium by Azumio

And remember, there’s much, much more to explore in the Helix Store. So treat yourself to a pumpkin spice latte, throw on your personalized Dot One scarf, and find the product that’s just right for you.

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