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Flow Cell

The versatile and flexible Exome+™ assay

Helix’s Exome+ assay has been carefully optimized to provide the benefits of targeted panels and the completeness of whole exome sequencing.

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Helix Transparency Report

When a user gives us their DNA, they also give us their trust. Helix maintains this trust by making data privacy a key focus and by providing transparency about when, how, and why users’ data are used and shared. Our Privacy Policy details what we do with a user’s data through their journey on the  … Read more

Women's DNA & Genetics

Women’s Wellness and DNA

A Gene for Every Stage of Life The female body is capable of so many things, from walking and dancing to climbing Mt. Everest and making other humans. Think about that last one for a second. Reproduction is a complex process, so it’s no wonder women’s bodies change so dramatically throughout their lifetime. How you  … Read more

Neanderthal Cave Paintings

Ancient Humans & Our DNA

Did you know that a group of owls is known as a parliament? Or that some snakes begin to develop legs as embryos, only to lose them before hatching? Science is full of quirky little fun facts that you can use to break the ice during awkward social moments and—if done correctly—to build your image  … Read more


How does your DNA compare to the world’s greatest athletes?

If you’ve had a chance to take in a stage or two of this year’s Tour de France, maybe you’ve found yourself wondering: is it in their genes? The cyclists—or superhumans!—who take on the Tour deal with extreme climbs and harrowing descents, spanning more than 2,000 miles along routes that include the Alps and Pyrenees  … Read more

DNA & Genetics of Hair

The Genetics of Hair

Baldness: More Complex Than You Might Think From bald eagles to Bruce Willis, bald spots are a common sight and part of the fabric of our society. It’s often assumed that baldness has a genetic component to it, and that’s absolutely true; it does. But it’s also commonly believed that baldness is inherited from your  … Read more

The Weekly Gene: ZEB2

DNA, ACHOO Syndrome & Allergies

Humans throughout history have tried to understand the meaning behind a sneeze. Homer’s Odyssey proposed that a sneeze was a good omen, a viewpoint shared by the Greeks, Romans, and many pagan cultures. On the other hand, some cultures considered a sneeze to be a sign of impending doom, which was reinforced by the spread  … Read more

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