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How does your DNA compare to the world’s greatest athletes?

If you’ve had a chance to take in a stage or two of this year’s Tour de France, maybe you’ve found yourself wondering: is it in their genes? The cyclists—or superhumans!—who take on the Tour deal with extreme climbs and harrowing descents, spanning more than 2,000 miles along routes that include the Alps and Pyrenees  … Read more

DNA & Genetics of Hair

The Genetics of Hair

Baldness: More Complex Than You Might Think From bald eagles to Bruce Willis, bald spots are a common sight and part of the fabric of our society. It’s often assumed that baldness has a genetic component to it, and that’s absolutely true; it does. But it’s also commonly believed that baldness is inherited from your  … Read more

The Weekly Gene: ZEB2

DNA, ACHOO Syndrome & Allergies

Humans throughout history have tried to understand the meaning behind a sneeze. Homer’s Odyssey proposed that a sneeze was a good omen, a viewpoint shared by the Greeks, Romans, and many pagan cultures. On the other hand, some cultures considered a sneeze to be a sign of impending doom, which was reinforced by the spread  … Read more

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